North Star Systems

Free Public Lessons!!

Hello Star Gazers!!

We’re wanting to reach out and give basic computer lessons to the public free of charge. We’re going to try and host it at the North Natomas Library but they require at least 10 people in order to reserve the room.

We’re hoping for at least an hour together (~30-45 minutes of show and tell, ~20-30 minutes Q & A and maybe the rest will be 1-to-1 help, as needed), we’ll provide food and drinks and some learning/practicing material depending on the needs of those who come.

If we get enough people wanting to attend, we’ll make the event through the events section on our Facebook page and a link to a registration form (just 2 or 3 question type of thing, nothing big).

Keep in mind, what happens in the lessons will more than likely change, I just want to see if people are actually interested in this type of thing.

Thank you for your time!!!

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